Discover the essentials of Stable Diffusion, including its core principles, methodologies, techniques, and ecosystem, through a comprehensive and systematic approach.
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Our Courses

What we do

We train enthusiasts, students, and professionals with extensive guidance, ensuring they gain a solid understanding of AI art and Stable Diffusion. 

Unique Learning Paths

Exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance.

Broad Overview, Deep Insights"

Gain a wide contextual understanding of Stable Diffusion while exploring specific techniques in a structured way.


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Thank you for your inspiration, you have opened my eyes and I can’t wait to dive deeper and explore this new Al universe with your technology 🖤🥰💯👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾👌🏾✌🏾”
- Korto Momolu,
Project Runway All-Star Designer
I think you guys are on to a real winner with this Think Diffusion thing, it’s going to be the one stop solution because I haven’t seen anything else like it. 
- Justin Hackney
Founder of RealDreams Studio
TD has turned out to be one of the best software finds for me in quite some time, and that’s amongst a lot of competition, so no mean feat.
Robbie Reddy
Director, Producer and Showrunner

Benefits of our training programs

Practical approach

Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. Our students' success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training.

Globally oriented

Strategies shared and knowledge earned allows our students to immediately apply their knowledge to the projects at hand.

For your career

Whether it's to enhance your career, elevate your business, or foster personal growth—our courses support your AI art ambitions.

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Frequently asked questions

Are these courses really free? Why wouldn't you charge for it?

Yes, 100% available to anyone who wants to learn. We're offering this resource because our mission is to make pro-level open source AI art tools easily accessible to creatives everywhere via education and a simple yet premium cloud experience, equipping them with bleeding-edge knowledge and skills that give you a competitive edge.

Who is this for?

Professionals, students, enthusiasts, really anyone that is willing to spend the time to explore the latest in open source AI art. We've repeatedly seen requests for a more structured curriculum. Posts like this are our inspiration:

Do I need to subscribe to ThinkDiffusion to use Stable Diffusion?

Not at all. Stable Diffusion can be installed locally on your computer, although it is technically not the easiest process. We aim to eliminate the setup and maintenance hassle and high end hardware requirements, so you can focus on the creative. If you do end up using ThinkDiffusion, you can pay as you go and receive all the capabilities without a subscription.